Caring for Vintage

Caring for your Vintage Clothing

Most of our items come from local estates. Buying vintage clothing means you are buying a piece of history. Each item has been previously worn and well loved, and then stored for many years. Vintage garments should always be worn with care and consideration of their age. We dry clean most of our items prior to listings. Exceptions are furs or fur trimmed items, some beaded items, and older items that we consider fragile. All items that have been cleaned will specifically state so in the description.

Note: Couture Allure Vintage Fashion does not guarantee any garment against damage occurring from mishandling, dry cleaning or home laundering.

Knowing how to care for your vintage purchase is vital to it’s continued long life. Proper care will ensure that you get the most wear and enjoyment from your vintage wardrobe. Following are a few tips to get you started. Please feel free to E-mail Us with any questions you may have about a specific garment.

  • Most vintage garments, especially those older than the mid 1960’s, were not designed to stand up to the rigors of machine washing and should be hand washed or dry-cleaned.
  • Ensure that your vintage garment is washable before putting it in water. Some fabrics will shrink and others won’t be colorfast. Do a spot test by placing a drop of water on an inner seam and letting it dry. If the fabric puckers or the dye runs, take the garment to your drycleaner.
  • For fabrics that pass the water drop test, hand launder in warm water with a gentle soap. Always support the garment fully when wet, as some older fabrics may be weak. Rinse the garment thoroughly and lay flat to dry. Never put your vintage garment in the dryer.
  • For items with spots or stains, we recommend soaking in Biz. Dissolve the Biz in very hot water first, then add your vintage garment after the water cools a bit. You can soak your garment for several hours. Repeated treatments will help with stubborn stains.
  • Always dry clean rayon, silk, wool, velvet, any garment that is lined, and any garment with beading.
  • Use only a dry cleaner you trust and be sure he knows your garment is vintage and needs special attention before you walk away! Always remove vintage buttons and buckles before cleaning so they don’t get damaged. If you can’t find a dry cleaner you trust, consult the owner of your local vintage clothing store, or contact a nearby museum with a textile collection and find out who they use. For antique garments, couture garments, and fragile evening wear, we recommend Madame Paulette Couture Cleaner in New York.
  • Never store your vintage garments on wire hanger. Garments should be hung on padded hangers with plenty of room to breathe. Knits and rayons should always be stored folded, never hung. Store your vintage garments in a cool, dark area. Light can fade many vintage fabrics, especially rayon, silk, and cotton. Avoid storing vintage in areas that experience extremes in temperature, such as attics, or in areas that become damp, such as basements or porches.
  • Never store your vintage garments in plastic. If you want to cover your garments, use muslin bags or old cotton pillow cases.
  • When storing your out-of-season clothing, always store your vintage items wrapped in acid free tissue paper and then place them in archival storage boxes. We recommend Gaylord’s for archival supplies.